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Happy Birthday Bruce!

Today is a very special day at Maxtec… the boss man’s birthday! Bruce is a passionate leader, known thrill-seeker, and loving family man. Happy birthday Bruce!

July Maxtec All-Star: Henry

Another one of our summer Maxtec All-Stars is Henry! Henry is our Quality Manager at Maxtec. Check out this video to see how awesome he is and you can even see some of his break dancing skills!

Happy Father’s Day From Maxtec!

When a meeting in the office starts to drag, you need to bring in an expert to keep everyone’s attention and get the point across. Meet our newest sales rep and head of “getting down to business,” Will!

June Maxtec All-Star: Cyrus

Check out one of our summer Maxtec All-Stars, Cyrus! Cyrus is the guy behind most of Maxtec’s fun photography, videos, and graphics. He’s always coming up with super creative new ideas and you can check out some of his work in this video (that he put together himself!).

Emma’s Story

It’s easy to oxygen for granted. But the lack of oxygen can have life-altering consequences. This is the story of Emma, the daughter of one of our employees, and helps remind us of the importance of oxygen in our daily life.

May Maxtec All-Star: Rachelle

Our Maxtec All-Star for May is Rachelle. Rachelle has been with Maxtec for a whopping 11 years and she is an ALL-STAR in Accounting!

April Maxtec All-Star: Brian

Brian is a registered respiratory therapist and his vast knowledge of the respiratory world has given him the status of the “teacher” at Maxtec. His experience and knowledge are great assets in his role as a leader on the Maxtec sales team.

UltraMax O2

Join Lexi in the UltraMax O2 product overview video to see why this analyzer is a great addition to your tool belt.

March Maxtec All-Star: Shalom

This non-traditional All-Star video gives an in-depth look into the moving story of Maxtec’s March All-Star, Shalom, and his daughter Emma.

February Maxtec All-Star: Tom

Check out the February Maxtec All-Star, Tom Meaders! Tom is a huge asset to the Maxtec engineering team and a fantastic example of our 2019 theme, Quest for the Best.

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