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EyeMax 2 Instructions for Use

A brief instructional video of how to use the EyeMax 2 family of products. For more information, visit the EyeMax 2 product page.

MaxBlend 2 Unboxing

In this video, Brian unboxes a MaxBlend 2 showing you everything that’s included in the box. For more information, please visit the MaxBlend 2 product page.

At Maxtec, We’re Always Up For A Challenge

Do you remember all of those viral internet challenge videos you’ve seen online? You know, the ones like the “Ice Bucket Challenge” and “Cinnamon Challenge?” Some you may remember, others you may have never heard of. As we started planning an end of the year holiday video, we had a tough time coming up with Read More …

October Maxtec All-Star: Bill

Bill is our Manufacturing Manager and we can always count on him to make sure everything runs smoothly at Maxtec. He enjoys exploring land and sea as he is a scuba diving instructor and avid Harley motorcycle rider. Check out his story!

September Maxtec All-Star: Andrew

Andrew is a valuable asset to our engineering team and he was the perfect candidate to be the Maxtec All-Star for the month of September. Check out some unique facts about him in this video!

Happy Birthday Bruce!

Today is a very special day at Maxtec… the boss man’s birthday! Bruce is a passionate leader, known thrill-seeker, and loving family man. Happy birthday Bruce!

July Maxtec All-Star: Henry

Another one of our summer Maxtec All-Stars is Henry! Henry is our Quality Manager at Maxtec. Check out this video to see how awesome he is and you can even see some of his break dancing skills!

Happy Father’s Day From Maxtec!

When a meeting in the office starts to drag, you need to bring in an expert to keep everyone’s attention and get the point across. Meet our newest sales rep and head of “getting down to business,” Will!

June Maxtec All-Star: Cyrus

Check out one of our summer Maxtec All-Stars, Cyrus! Cyrus is the guy behind most of Maxtec’s fun photography, videos, and graphics. He’s always coming up with super creative new ideas and you can check out some of his work in this video (that he put together himself!).

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