Flowmeter IFU Update Notification

February 18, 2022 Notification for Flowmeter IFU Revision Download document Dear Valued Maxtec Customer, Maxtec, LLC’s management team is committed … Read more

EU MDR Update

May 26, 2021 EU MDR Update Dear Valued Maxtec Customer, EC REPRESENTATIVE CHANGE In preparation for Medical Device Regulation (EU) … Read more

Maxtec Oxygen Sensor FAQs

Sensors are used in many different medical applications, and while they’re relatively simple devices, there are many things you might … Read more

Gray fio2 sensor with blue and white label with Max-125M printed on it

Max-125M Change Notification

February 23, 2021 Max-125M Change Notification Dear Valued Customer, This letter is to inform you that Maxtec is in the … Read more