About Maxtec

Maxtec, Salt Lake City Utah, has been a leader in oxygen analysis and delivery products for more than 20 years. We provide a full line of replacement oxygen sensors and SpO2 probes compatible with all major applications in the market. Customers worldwide have come to appreciate Maxtec for our well-known oxygen analyzers and monitors in both medical and non-medical applications. Our range of products also include pulse oximeters, neonatal products, air-oxygen mixers and ventilator support products applicable to hospital, homecare and anesthesia markets.

Mission Statement

Maxtec is dedicated to providing each and every customer worldwide with unwavering passion, unconditional trust and integrity, and the highest level of service our valuable customers deserve.

Vision Statement

We are dedicated to lead with our heart, mind and soul. To passionately inspire every customer, every employee and every partner, by delivering trusted support products that make a difference worldwide.

Quality Policy

We are all quality officers. We are committed to supplying products of exceptional quality. We assure quality through: Continually improving performance, operating under a globally recognized quality system and by complying with stated and implied customer and regulatory requirements.