From Blue to Green

Committed to Our Environment

Our Efforts in Going Green

We at Maxtec realize that our modern lifestyle is sustainable only if we are conscious about our environment and that we must do everything possible to reduce the amount of energy and resources we use on a daily basis. As a medical products company dedicated to improving life, we are eager to adapt new ways in which we do business that will help reduce the amount of resources used and significantly minimize the waste created.

In an effort to further contribute to environmental awareness and become a truly “Green Office”, Maxtec has adopted and embraced many eco-friendly business practices such as:

  • Paperless transactions and documentation procedures
  • Recycling of all appropriate products
  • Use of public transportation when appropriate
  • Car-pooling when convenient
  • Recycling all renewable office products such as toner
  • Use of energy efficient light bulbs under office control
  • Use of programmable thermostats under office control
  • Use of recyclable paper cups, glass or ceramic rather than styrofoam
  • Implementation of product recycling programs