Maxtec is a very professional company that practices the Golden Rule. We get great service and support from the Maxtec team. In the past we did experiment and drift away but it did not take long to realize that short term savings from other companies were quickly erased by lost opportunities due to lack of support or poor quality of goods. We came back quickly to Maxtec and have never strayed again.

Thank you Maxtec for the great products and speedy service.

Maxtec is the oldest specialty company I know that still supports people [specialty distributors] like us at Provider Enterprise. There will always be a specialty dealer as long as there is Maxtec. Thanks to all the staff at Maxtec for giving us new, innovative products to show to the hospitals across this big nation. Maxtec is much more than a medical supply company, they are what a specialty supplier dealer is; Family, Faith and Friends.

Thank you Bruce, Robert and everyone at Maxtec for the excellent service you have provided over the years. We love working with you because you epitomize the meaning of the word “partner”. We look forward to many more years of success together.