Flowmeter IFU Update Notification

February 18, 2022

Notification for Flowmeter IFU Revision

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Dear Valued Maxtec Customer,

Maxtec, LLC’s management team is committed to the continuous improvement of Maxtec products. In this light, Maxtec has updated the Instructions for Use for the Flowmeter/Flowmeter Manifold family for additional clarity.

Although this update has no impact on our Flowmeter/Flowmeter Manifold’s form, fit, or function, we wanted to take a moment to communicate the change to our customers.


Instructions for Use supplied with Maxtec Flowmeters and Flowmeter Manifolds has been updated from Revision P to Revision Q.


Maxtec Flowmeter/Flowmeter Manifold Instructions for Use Document Number R138P11


Updated the Maximum flush flow values for Acrylic Block Style Flowmeter/Flowmeter Manifolds and additional wording to define flood/flush flow for further clarification. See Picture 1 and Picture 2 for a visual representation of the change.

a. No Change in Form defined as in the shape, dimensions, mass, weight, and other visual parameters that uniquely distinguish a part.

b. No Change in Fit defined as the ability of a part to physically interface with, connect to, or become an integral part of another part.

c. No Change in Function defined as the action or actions that a part is designed to perform. Note: Product functionality or design is not impacted. The Max Flush Flow is not part of the Acrylic block flowmeter intended use.

Picture 1: IFU Rev. Q, Current Revision

Picture 2: IFU Rev. P, Previous Revision

4. REASON FOR CHANGE Documentation update for additional clarity. Product functionality is not impacted.

5. EFFECTIVE DATE This change is effective for product shipped from Maxtec, LLC after February 14th, 2022.

Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns regarding this notification.