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Heated High Flow vs. Mechanical Ventilation

In this video, Maxtec clinical experts Dustin and Brian discuss different forms of therapy used in treating COVID-19 and take a closer look at heated high flow nasal cannula oxygen therapy (HHFNC).   Check out our blog on this topic HERE.   MAXTEC DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. The contents of Minute With Maxtec are Read More …

MaxFLO2 Mini: Overview

In this video, Brian gives us a look at the MaxFLO2 Mini and shows how it can be used as another great option to deliver high flow to a patient.

DFB Dual Scale Flowmeter

In this video, Brian and Dustin talk about the Maxtec DFB (designed for blenders) Dual Scale Flowmeter and why it’s design is ideal to work with blenders.

MaxBlend 2: Hands-On Look

In this video, Brian gives you a hands-on look into the details and capabilities of the MaxBlend 2. For more information, please visit the MaxBlend 2 product page.

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