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January Maxtec All-Star: Dzung

Congratulations to our January Maxtec All-Star, Dzung! Dzung shines on our Manufacturing team and always brings a smile to work. We are so lucky to have him on our team. Thank you Dzung!  

Have a Doggone Great Holiday Season!

It may seem far-fetched, but the year is almost over. As we approach the holiday season and the year comes quickly to a close, we’d like to take a moment to hound you and say Thanks Fur Everything and Happy Holidays. It’s because of your support that our dreams of making a difference in patient care have become a reality.

November & December Maxtec All-Stars: Max & Dharmesh

We wrapped up 2018 with two very deserving Maxtec All-Stars: Max and Dharmesh! Max keeps things on track in supply chain management and Dharmesh works hard to bring our customers the products they love in our manufacturing department. This All-Star video is sure to give you a laugh!

Thank You Bruce & Mary!

The Maxtec team has a lot to be thankful for, but we are especially thankful for our leaders, Bruce and Mary! They are the best bosses around and they do so much behind the scenes that does not go unnoticed. Thank you Bruce and Mary!

October Maxtec All-Star: Melani

We are definitely thankful for our Maxtec All-Star for the month of October, Melani! The Maxtec team only has positive things to say about Melani and we are so grateful to have her on our team.

Introducing Minute with Maxtec

Welcome to to the Minute With Maxtec video series. This video series is compiled of quick one-minute videos – sharing tips & tricks about Maxtec products – the inside scoop of what’s happening inside Maxtec – and new product highlights.

September Maxtec All-Star: Kim

We love having Kim on the Maxtec team and she was an easy pick for a Maxtec All-Star! She shines on our engineering team and always brightens our day. Thanks Kim!

Cycle For Life – Fight CF

Ride along with the Maxtec team, as we “Cycle For Life” in support of the fight agains CF. We had 12 riders, covering 500 miles, and raised over $4,200. Help us as we raise money again this year to support the fight for CF. Donate now.

Maxtec Company Profile – Oxygen

Oxygen is the key to human existence, which is why we take pride in manufacturing the highest-of-quality gas sensors, analyzers, and gas delivery products.

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