Maxtec Company Profile – Oxygen

Oxygen is the key to human existence, which is why we take pride in manufacturing the highest-of-quality gas sensors, analyzers, and gas delivery products.

BlenderBuddy 2

Sit down with our very Matthew Swank, as he talks about the all-new BlenderBuddy 2.

We Love Our Team!

We asked a bunch of folks at Maxtec what they loved about Maxtec and got some great responses. Plus some punny jokes …

Happy Ho Ho Holidays

As we approach the holiday season and the year comes quickly to a close, we’d like to take a moment and say Thank You and Happy Holidays to our wonderful customers. It’s because of your support that our dreams of making a difference in patient care have become a reality.

DFB = Designed For Blenders

Take a ride with Almy Hollis, our COO, as he explains the benefits of using a Maxtec “Designed for Blenders” flow meter.