Maxtec Oxygen Sensor FAQs

Sensors are used in many different medical applications, and while they’re relatively simple devices, there are many things you might not know about them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Maxtec oxygen sensors. Looking for a specific sensor? Find a comprehensive list of our sensors and their specifications here. How customized … Read more

Three days in a chiller

One million newborn babies die worldwide each year as a result of a lack of oxygen. In countries with a lack of sophisticated technology, a cooling mattress would offer a simpler and affordable solution.

Max 49 / Max 27 Discontinuation

May 4, 2018 Max-49 & Max-27 Discontinuation / Rebate Offer Dear Valued Customer, This letter is to inform you of a discontinuation of a part(s) you have recently ordered from Maxtec. Due to the low order volume on these parts, we are unable to support manufacturing moving forward. These items are commonly used within other … Read more