Max 49 / Max 27 Discontinuation

May 4, 2018

Max-49 & Max-27 Discontinuation / Rebate Offer

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is to inform you of a discontinuation of a part(s) you have recently ordered from Maxtec. Due to the low order volume on these parts, we are unable to support manufacturing moving forward. These items are commonly used within other obsolete analyzers that are no longer supported (Hudson 5811 & 5804).


Max-27 p/n R116P11 REPLACEMENT FOR: Teleflex (Hudson) [5811]

Max-49 p/n R116P13 REPLACEMENT FOR: Teleflex (Hudson) [5804]

Trade in your Hudson 5811 or 5804 to receive a $25 rebate.

Maxtec would like to extend a $25 rebate offer towards the purchase of a new analyzer for any customer currently using the analyzers listed above. Contact your Maxec representative for more information.


MaxO2+ A (internal sensor) p/n R217P62

MaxO2+ AE (external sensor) p/n R217P72

MaxO2 ME (external sensor with alarms) p/n R230P01

Thank You,

-Maxtec Marketing Team

Download the .pdf HERE