RT Special Feature: Bubble CPAP in the NICU 

For the thousands of newborns and preemies diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome each year, safe and effective NICU pulmonary support is essential to survival. While many of these neonates are intubated, other available forms of noninvasive respiratory support may be appropriate, as well. One of the most common and successful noninvasive methods for this patient … Read more

How O2 Sensors Play a Part in Ventilator Performance

Alarm fatigue can have a harsh psychological impact on a clinician’s mind. Research shows that 72% to 99% of alarms are false, leading to alarm fatigue. Alarm fatigue occurs when a clinician experiences frequent alarms during patient care and grows increasingly desensitized to the alarms, and therefore less likely to take action during a critical … Read more

Maxtec Oxygen Sensor FAQs

Sensors are used in many different medical applications, and while they’re relatively simple devices, there are many things you might not know about them. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Maxtec oxygen sensors. Looking for a specific sensor? Find a comprehensive list of our sensors and their specifications here. How customized … Read more

Oxygen Is A Drug. Are You Delivering The Right Amount?

Despite the critical role oxygen plays in everyday life, it can often be taken for granted. Oxygen is vital to all human life, and the presence of too little or too much can be harmful. Because of its common therapeutic use and known potential to be damaging to one’s health when used incorrectly, oxygen is … Read more

Could High-Flow Be the Way To Go?

In the midst of a respiratory pandemic, treatment options and equipment, especially ventilators, may be scarce. Heated high-flow nasal cannula therapy may be a viable treatment option for respiratory therapy patients. What is it, and why might it be beneficial? First off, it’s important to determine what high-flow is, and when it would be used. … Read more

3 Reasons the DFB Dual-Scale Flowmeter Should Be Your #1 Flowmeter

The DFB Dual-Scale Flowmeter is one of Maxtec’s most unique products. DFB stands for “Designed For Blenders.” It’s the first flowmeter on the market that was specially designed to be used with an oxygen blender. Its unique design, however, isn’t the DFB’s only claim to fame. From more flexibility to quieter use, the DFB has … Read more