MaxBlend™ 2+p

Revolutionizing Oxygen Delivery

The first all-in-one blender in the market with integrated pressure monitoring.

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Revolutionizing Oxygen Delivery

The first oxygen delivery device in the market with integrated pressure monitoring.

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Setting A New Standard for Respiratory Care

A whole new concept in oxygen delivery and monitoring— the MaxBlend™ 2+p monitors both pressure and oxygen, and includes a blender and flowmeter to manage oxygen delivery, all in one integrated solution.

More Proactive Patient Care

  • Can minimize patient exposure to health risks and may prevent the need for more invasive interventions.
  • Reduces the risk of missed spot checks during oxygen therapy.
  • Reduces reliance on visual inspection and variance in readings with clear display of oxygen and pressure levels.
  • Enhances patient comfort with a backlit LCD display and flowmeter for low-light settings.

Streamlined Clinician Workflow

  • Customizable alarm settings can reduce alarm fatigue.
  • Save time and costs with the use of long-life Nafion™ tubing technology that reduces risk of condensation build up in the pressure monitoring line.
  • Allows for quick set-up and cleaning between patients.
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Flyer & IFU Downloads

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MaxBlend 2+p Instructions for Use

Part Numbers

  • MaxBlend 2+p, 3 LPM, DISS R229P36-001
  • MaxBlend 2+p, 15 LPM, DISS R229P36-002
  • MaxBlend 2+p, 30 LPM, DISS R229P36-003
  • MaxBlend 2+p, 70 LPM, DISS R229P37-001
  • Pressure Monitoring Line, w/   Moisture Control Tubing, 15pk – R229P18-015

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