MaxBlend Lite

The MaxBlend Lite is designed to provide all of the features of our MaxBlend 2 to customers already using a stand-alone blender. When paired with an existing blender, the MaxBlend Lite provides it’s users with the added features of a built-in O2 monitor with high and low alarms, and a flow meter. This product securely attaches to your blender using a specific independent adapter block.

  • Combine to create a three-in-one blender
  • Large, backlit LCD
  • 15% to 99% low alarm capabilities
  • Multiple flow meter configurations
  • DC power port for optional, remote power supply
  • Smart alarms – set alarms 3% +/- current reading
  • Gas bleed savings switch can save on costs of wasted medical gas. Check out our gas savings calculator 
  • Bleed control

Product Images

360° View with Callouts

Product Accessories

Accessories marked with a dotted border are NOT included.

  • Max-550E R140P02-001
  • Max-550E Flow Diverter R228P41-001
  • 1.5″ 90 Degree DISS Elbow RP11P20
  • 10′ Dual Blender Hose (DISS) R129P01
  • 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter R219P50
  • Long Sensor Cable R228P16
  • Power Supply R230P10
  • International Power Adapters RP13P13
  • Pole / Rail Mount, Blender R100P26
  • Wall Mount RP05P09
  • 0–3 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P99-400
  • 0–15 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P79-400
  • 0–30 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P88-400
  • 0–70 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P87-400
  • White DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P33
  • Green DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P34
  • Clear DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P35

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