O2 Adjustment Knobs

Independently adjust O2% to preferred FiO2%

Flow Adjustment Knob

Independently adjust flow to desired LPM

Pole Mount

Built-in for easy transport or storage on a pole

O2 Analyzer

Displays accurate 02 measurements. Includes a simple one-touch calibration and on/off operation

Room Air Inlet

No need for piped medical air. You can also attach the MaxVenturi Muffler to reduce noise up-to 5x.

Mixed-Gas Outlet

For high-flow system interface

MaxVenturi® Overview

The MaxVenturi® has been specifically designed to work with high-flow humidification systems. Using the Venturi principle, the MaxVenturi allows users to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical-grade air. This is the perfect solution for adult high-flow oxygen therapy in almost any environment. The MaxVenturi provides users with:

  • Ability to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical-grade air
  • All-in-one oxygen/air mixer, MaxO2+ analyzer, and flow meter
  • Approximately 5,000 hours of battery life on an analyzer
  • Independently adjustable O2% and flow
  • Built-in pole clamp
  • Ease-in titration
  • Two-year warranty for the O2 sensor


  • High-flow therapy for trach patients
  • Compatible with common aerosol mask applications
  • Alternative conventional mixed gas delivery while moving entrainment away from patient
MaxVenturi® Overview
Run Time: 04:55

Product Accessories*

*Accessories marked with dotted border NOT included.

  • MAX-250E R125P03-002
  • Venturi Muffler R211P38
  • Coiled O2 Hose R127P35

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