MaxBlend Lite

Oxygen Monitor with high and low alarms

This allows confidence that the user is delivering the precise amount of O2. The alarms are easily set independently, or automatically with the smart-alarm feature.

Smart Alarms

Allows the user to automatically set the alarm guardrails 3% up and 3% down from the current FiO2.

Dual Scale "DFB" Acrylic Flowmeter

This essentially combines 2 flow ranges into 1 flow meter. Our Dual Taper allows superb accuracy for both low and high flows using the same flow meter. This eliminates the need to attach multiple flow meters to a blender, which means your blender setup will take less real estate.

"DFB" Designed for Blender Flow Meter

These new flow meters are specifically designed to work with blenders, which until now, is unheard of in the industry. These DFB flow meters are calibrated for the pressure drop that is associated with a blender as flow rates are increased. This is especially important in the world of high flow.

Bleed Control

Minimizes wasted gas to 0.1 LPM when closed and allows for better accuracy when used properly.

Remote Power Supply

Allows the user to utilize line-power as opposed to AA batteries. AA Batteries are still required for the event of a power failure.

Use your existing blender

Attaches to Bird, Sechrist, Biomed Devices, Precision and Micromax blenders.

MaxBlend Lite Overview

The MaxBlend Lite is designed to provide all of the features of our MaxBlend 2 to customers already using a stand-alone blender. When paired with an existing blender, the MaxBlend Lite provides it’s users with the added features of a built-in O2 monitor with high and low alarms, and a flow meter. This product securely attaches to your blender using a specific independent adapter block.

  • Combine to create a three-in-one blender
  • Large, backlit LCD
  • 15% to 99% low alarm capabilities
  • Multiple flow meter configurations
  • DC power port for optional, remote power supply
  • Smart alarms – set alarms 3% +/- current reading
  • Bleed control
  • 36-month warranty
MaxBlend Lite Overview
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Product Accessories*

*Accessories marked with dotted border NOT included.

  • Max-550E R140P02-001
  • Max-550E Flow Diverter R228P41-001
  • 1.5" 90 Degree DISS Elbow RP11P20
  • 10' Dual Blender Hose (DISS) R129P01
  • 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter R219P50-100
  • Long Sensor Cable R228P16
  • Power Supply R230P10
  • International Power Adapters RP13P13
  • Pole / Rail Mount, Blender R100P26
  • Wall Mount RP05P09
  • 0–3 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P99-400
  • 0–15 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P79-400
  • 0–30 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P88-400
  • 0–70 LPM DFB Flow Meter R219P87-400
  • White DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P33
  • Green DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P34
  • Clear DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P35

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