MaxO2 ME Blender Kit

The MaxO2 ME Blender Kit uses a custom mounting bracket and gas manifold to conveniently provides the ability to add oxygen monitoring to your Bird, Biomed Devices, or Tenacore blenders. The full Blender Kit provides the following features to your existing blender:

  • MaxO2 ME Oxygen Monitor w/ High and Low Alarms
  • Top-mount bracket to attach the MaxO2 ME to your blender
  • Oxygen Manifold (attaches to the bottom port of blender to measure O2% being delivered)

The blender kit is also available as separate components to utilize your existing O2 monitors (with a dovetail bracket attached). Order the top bracket and upgrade your lower manifold to a BlenderBuddy 2 for the added benefits of a Dual-Scale, Designed for Blender (DFB) flow meter.

360° View with Callouts

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