MaxO2 ME Blender Kit

On/Off Gas Valve Switch

The on/off switch allows the user to turn the o2 monitoring off to save gas

MaxO2 ME Oxygen Monitor

This easy-to-use, low-maintenance monitor has a host of new features and improvements, including a backlit LCD, smart alarms, DC power port, protective over-mold, built-in kickstand, built-in dovetail, extended battery life, and more

Attach to Bird or Biomed Device Blender

Add the convenience of O2 Monitoring to your blender

Built-in Kickstand

For use on a table-top, the kickstand allows the monitor to be placed upright on a flat surface. The stand also doubles as a dovetail, making use with a pole mount, rail mount, or wall mount bracket convenient and easy.

DC Power Port

Allows the user to utilize optional line-power as opposed to AA batteries. AA Batteries are still required for the event of a power failure.

Easy To Access Batteries

No tools required to access or change the batteries.

MaxO2 ME Overview

The MaxO2 ME Blender Kit uses a custom mounting bracket and gas manifold to conveniently provides the ability to add oxygen monitoring to your Bird, Biomed Devices, or Tenacore blenders. The full Blender Kit provides the following features to your existing blender:

  • MaxO2 ME Oxygen Monitor w/ High and Low Alarms
  • Top-mount bracket to attach the MaxO2 ME to your blender
  • Oxygen Manifold (attaches to bottom port of blender to measure O2% being delivered)

The blender kit is also available as separate components to utilize your existing O2 monitors (with a dovetail bracket attached). Order the top bracket and upgrade your the lower manifold to a BlenderBuddy 2 for the added benefits of a Dual-Scale, Designed for Blender (DFB) flow meter.

MaxO2 ME Blender Kit Overview
Run Time: 01:48

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