BlenderBuddy 2

DFB Flow Meter

The Maxtec “DFB” flow meters are specifically designed to work with blenders, which until now, is unheard of in the industry. These DFB flow meters are calibrated for the pressure drop that is associated with a blender as flow rates are increased. Every Maxtec DFB flow meter has a dual-scale, which essentially combines 2 flow ranges into 1 flow meter.

Oxygen Analyzer

The MaxO2+A analyzer was designed for simplicity and portability—ideal for checking the accuracy of delivered oxygen percentage in concentrators.

DISS Connection

The BenderBuddy 2 no longer requires a specific adapter block. It securely attaches to your blender using the DISS outlet connection

Connects To Your Blender

Blender Not Included

Micro-Bleed Analyzer Port

The BlenderBuddy 2 also has a micro bleed, which reduced the amount wasted gas 15x compared to previous versions.

Blender Buddy 2 Overview

The BlenderBuddy 2 equips your blender with the Maxtec DFB (designed for blenders) dual-scale flow meter. It also has a built-in oxygen port, which allows gas to be analyzed safely and away from the patient to avoid cross-contamination. Using the DISS outlet connection, it securely attaches to your blender. The BlenderBuddy 2 also has a micro bleed. This reduces the amount of wasted gas by more than 15 times the previous versions.

BlenderBuddy 2 Overview
Run Time: 01:18

Product Accessories*

*Accessories marked with dotted border NOT included.

  • Max-550E Flow Diverter R228P41-001
  • 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter R219P50-100
  • 1.5” 90 Degree DISS Elbow RP11P20
  • White DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P33
  • Green DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P34
  • Clear DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P35

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