LCD Display

Easy-to-read lcd display shows O2%, Flow, and Pressure

Impact Resistant Ergonomic Case

The protective case provides an extra layer of durability and has an easy-to-hold texture

Gas Sample Inlet

Connect directly to the outlet port on the oxygen concentrator

Gas Sample Outlet

When plugged with your thumb, this will change the reading on the screen to show the outlet pressure of the oxygen concentrator

Calibration Verification

No in-field calibration required. By pressing the calibration verification button, you can easily see that your analyzer is calibrated and ready-to-use.

UltraMax O2 Digiflo Concentrator Check O2 Plus Pro2 Check Elite
36month warranty 24month warranty 24month warranty 24month warranty
≥ 14,000 read cycles(2 AA Alkaline batteries) 270 read cycles(Alkaline 9V battery) 13,700 read cycles(Alkaline 9V battery) ??? read cycles(Alkaline 9V battery)
0.4 lbs (181 g)Weight 0.39 lbs (179 g)Weight 0.65 lbs (295 g)Weight 0.56 lbs (255 g)Weight
20.9 - 96%Oxygen Concentration Range 20.8%* - 96%Oxygen Concentration Range 73% - 96%Oxygen Concentration Range 20.9% - 100%Oxygen Concentration Range
0 - 10 LPMFlow Rate Range 0 - 20 LPMFlow Rate Range 0 - 6 LPMFlow Rate Range 0 - 10 LPMFlow Rate Range
0.5 - 50 PSI (3.4 - 344 kPa)Pressure Range 0 - 35 PSI (0 to 241.3 mmHg)Pressure Range 0 to 10 PSIG (0 to 68.9 kPa)Pressure Range 0 to 25 PSIG (0 to 172 kPa)Pressure Range

Ultra Performance

The UltraMaxOanalyzer was designed to quickly verify oxygen concentration at a glance, including the flow and outlet pressure of oxygen concentrators. Its advanced design provides high-level performance and reliability. The UltraMaxOoxygen analyzer includes the following beneficial features:

  • Measures O2, flow, & pressure
  • No oxygen sensor required
  • No in-field calibration
  • Self-diagnostics
  • Shielded & reinforced sample gas inlet port
  • Includes silicone case for increased durability
  • 36-month warranty
UltraMaxO2 Overview
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