MaxO2 ME

Protective Over-mold

The soft-touch overlay provides a smooth surface and allows for easy cleaning.

Backlit LCD

The backlit screen allows for better visibility in low-light environments.

Easy-to-Use Smart Alarms

Allows the user to automatically set the alarm guardrails 3% up and 3% down from the current FiO2.

Built-in Kickstand

For use on a table-top, the kickstand allows the monitor to be placed upright on a flat surface. The stand also doubles as a dovetail, making use with a pole mount, rail mount, or wall mount bracket convenient and easy.

DC Power Port

Allows the user to utilize optional line-power as opposed to AA batteries. AA Batteries are still required for the event of a power failure.

Easy To Access Batteries

No tools required to access or change the batteries.