MaxFLO2 Mini

The MaxFLO2 Mini is an affordable way to mix and monitor air and oxygen. With multiple flow meter configurations available, the MaxFLO2 Mini is adaptable for almost any application. Each unit comes standard with two flow meters and a universal pole clamp for easy transportation and storage.

  • Flow and FiO2 control
  • Pole mount included for easy transport or storage
  • Quiet operation for minimal patient stimulation
  • Ownership is considerably lower than cost of blenders and blender maintenance
  • 24-month warranty

Product Accessories

Accessories marked with a dotted border are NOT included.

  • 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter (Aluminum) R219P50
  • 10′ Dual Blender Hose (DISS) R129P01
  • Handi+ O2 Analyzer R218P12
  • White DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P33
  • Green DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P34
  • Clear DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P35

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