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About O2asis®

The O2asis® Difference

Wherever we live in the world, the air we breathe contains natural levels of moisture. However, for someone who is prescribed supplemental oxygen from a tank or concentrator, this natural humidification is removed, resulting in the inhalation of cold and dry gas.

This can lead to dryness in the nasal passage and mucous membranes, which could possibly cause discomfort, nose bleeds, and even patient non-compliance with the prescribed oxygen required.

It’s common practice to heat and humidify oxygen in a hospital setting for patients receiving high flow oxygen therapy, so why keep patients at home from this same standard of comfort and care?

Introducing the O2asis® Personal Humidifier

This device brings hospital-grade technology straight to your living room. The O2asis personal humidifier delivers specific levels of warmth and humidity according to your prescribed flow (LPM) of supplemental oxygen. Also, by providing added warmth to the humidification, the O2asis heats the prescribed gas at a temperature much closer to our core body temperature, making the overall experience of breathing supplemental oxygen more comfortable.

Oxygen therapy should be a positive experience. Our goal with the O2asis personal humidifier is to reduce sleepless nights, the discomfort of a dry mouth, and pain in the nostrils as a result of oxygen therapy.

How O2asis Works

1. The O2asis Personal Humidifier connects to your oxygen concentrator or cylinder.

2. The silent, palm-sized O2asis can be easily carried or placed beside you.

3. The O2asis is filled with distilled water. Depending on usage and oxygen flow rate, it will need to be refilled daily. Use only distilled water.

4. Oxygen passing through the O2asis is warmed, humidified, and delivered to you through the included soft cannula.

5. The temperature can be adjusted according to your prescribed flow rate.

6. O2asis performs best when connected to power, but will continue to provide limited humidity when disconnected.

Benefits Described by Participants

• More comfortable to use oxygen at night

• No longer need to get up during the night to get a drink for dry throat

• Better sleep and waking up without a dry nose

• Mouth not as dry in the morning

• No more nose sores

• Fewer nose bleeds

• Nose not as runny

• Nose felt moister

• Could breathe better through the nose

The O2asis Story: Mike’s Legacy

Craig Sunada from Perma Pure became convinced that there must be a way to add warmth and humidity to provide comfort to these patients after watching his close friend, who was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, experience the incredible discomfort of oxygen therapy. 

He led the development of the O2asis personal humidifier.

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