EyeMax 2 sizes

Maximize Phototherapy Care With The EyeMax 2

Phototherapy mask that optimizes therapy and care for you and your patients.

How the EyeMax 2 Maximizes Patient Care

Lightweight Material

Light passes through the thin material to allow maximum skin exposure while the eyes remain protected; this allows you to provide the care needed while the patient can get the most out of therapy.

Ultimate Protection

A separate light-blocking material is attached to the portion of the eye mask that covers the eyes to shield retinas from harmful damage.

Gentle On Skin

Avoid disrupting the comfort of the patient; the gentle material was created with the fragility of patients in mind with no adhesives to irritate skin.

Secure Fit

Offered in three different sizes that are each fully adjustable by two separate velcro points to ensure the best fit to stay on the patient during therapy.

Ready to Ship

All three sizes are in stock and ready to protect your patients.

Ongoing Support

Maxtec customers are equipped with continued support for any sales and technical questions through a variety of channels, including a live chat option on maxtec.com.

How To Use The EyeMax 2

In this video, Steve demonstrates how to correctly use the Maxtec EyeMax 2

Want to learn more?

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