Max-250K Connector Change Notification

September 29, 2020

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is to inform you that Maxtec is in the process of making a change to a product you purchase. Due to a change in manufacturing, the connector (RP12P27)  used with the Max-250k sensor (R125P02-009 & R125P02-015)  will now have a new look. The connector change is only a visual (color) change and the function of the part will remain unaffected. In the past, we have used a clear-colored connector, but going forward, we will use a white-colored connector. We expect the change to be implemented over the next 2 months. As we make this change, we will have a mixed inventory of both the previous connector version and the new version. In order to get sensors to you as soon as possible, you may receive shipments that include both versions. Please see the photos in the .pdf below showing the visual difference. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact your Maxtec Sales Representative with any questions or concerns.


  • SENSOR, MAX-250K INTERNAL Part Number: R125P02-015
  • SENSOR, MAX-250K, W/PANDUIT CONN Part Number: R125P02-009

Kind Regards,

Maxtec Marketing

[email protected]

Download the .pdf HERE