SmartStack 8-Pack Discontinuation Notice

January 15, 2021

R100P49-008 (SmartStack 8-Pack) Discontinuation

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is to inform you of a discontinuation to a product you’ve previously purchased from Maxtec. The part number R100P49-008 (8-pack of SmartStack, with a minimum quantity of 6 units) will no longer be offered. For future orders, we request that you order the single pack part number, R100P49-001.

This discontinuation will go into effect immediately. Please contact your Maxtec Sales Representative with any additional questions.


  • R100P49-008 SMARTSTACK, IV POLE 8 PACK Part Number: R100P49-008


  • R100P49-001 SMARTSTACK, IV POLE SINGLE PACK Part Number: R100P49-001

Kind Regards,

Maxtec Marketing

[email protected]

Download the .pdf HERE