MaxO2+AE Coiled Cable Change Notification

March 1, 2021

MaxO2+AE Coiled Cable Change Notification

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is to inform you that Maxtec is in the process of making a change to a product you purchase. Maxtec has recently observed an increase in demand for our oxygen analyzers. In an effort to ensure our customers receive the best service possible, we have added an additional supplier for the coiled cable used with our MaxO2+AE Analyzers (part numbers listed below). Using this additional supplier will alleviate risks of supply issues and allow Maxtec to better meet demand for this product going forward. This additional cable version performs and functions the same as our existing cable but it has a slightly different look. You can see the material differences and a side-by-side comparison in the PDF linked below.

Effective 90 days following the date of this notification, Maxtec will be incorporating cables using both our existing cable and this additional cable into our MaxO2+AE analyzers. Going forward, we will use both cable versions in our MaxO2+AE analyzers and customers can expect to receive shipments that include either version. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please contact your Maxtec Sales Representative with any questions or concerns by June 1, 2021.


  • ANALYZER, MAXO2+ AE SCUBA Part Number: R217P52
  • ANALYZER, N2+ AE NITROGEN Part Number: R217P66
  • ANALYZER, MAXO2+ AE MEDICAL Part Number: R217P72
  • ANALYZER, MAXO2+ AE INDUSTRIAL Part Number: R217P72-004

Download the .pdf HERE