EyeMax 2 Material Change Notice / Improvement

September 11, 2019

EyeMax 2 Material Change Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter is to inform you of a material change to the EyeMax 2 phototherapy masks.  Maxtec has been informed that Kimberly Clark will no longer supply the white band material previously used in the Eyemax 2.  Therefore, Maxtec has qualified an equivalent material for biocompatibility and comfort stretch while maintaining protection of light penetration to <0.00001 in the critical eye mask covering over the eyes.  Per testing, we have also confirmed that the new material offers ”improved phototherapy treatment through the headband”. Based on our current inventory and projected orders, this change will be implemented in approximately 90 days from the date of this notice and involves the following part numbers:


  • EyeMax, Micro Part Number: R300P03
  • EyeMax, Premie Part Number: R300P02
  • EyeMax, Regular Part Number: R300P01

Please let us know if you need anything from Maxtec with respect to qualification or product registration.   We are here to assist.

Kind Regards,

Maxtec Marketing

[email protected]

Download the .pdf HERE