Two Blue Maxtec Oxygen Sensors

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Top quality medical oxygen sensors designed for your ventilators and respiratory devices

What Goes Into a Maxtec Sensor

Galvanic Fuel Cell

Each sensor uses a chemical reaction to produce electrical output that results in a linear, stable response.

Long, Stable Life

A large internal volume of electrolyte allows for increased stability and a longer lifespan of the sensor.

Gold Cathode

Gold cathodes eliminate the growth of lead oxide crystals; this growth occurs with silver cathodes, which are commonly found in other sensors.

Oxygen Barrier Tape

Red barrier tape restricts the available oxygen level during storage to about 7%, which helps preserves the life of the sensor.

Titanium Mesh

Paired with the hydrophobic membrane, this titanium piece provides added protection and promotes durability.

Hydrophobic Membrane

A hydrophobic membrane prevents condensation from entering the sensor, which could negatively affect the sensor’s functionality.

Made in America

Maxtec sensors are proudly manufactured in the USA.

Customer Service

We have a superior customer service team available for all of your needs before, during, and after your sensor use.


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