BlenderBuddy 2

The BlenderBuddy 2 attaches to a blender to simplify integrating a FiO2 analyzer or monitor through a universal DISS outlet port to provide added visibility of the delivered FiO2.

It is equipped with a sample gas analysis port, enabling the placement of an oxygen analyzer to ensure the blender delivers an accurate mixture.

DFB flow meters were designed for blenders, displaying a dual scale that combines two flow ranges into one flow meter.

The dual-scale increments allow clinicians to use two flow ranges in one flow meter, meaning it can be used with a range of patient populations, eliminating the need for more equipment. Having a durable acrylic dual-scale flow meter and an oxygen analysis port together in one device, the BlenderBuddy 2 creates more space savings for clinicians and helps alleviate the time spent reprocessing and setting up devices. 

When higher flows are being delivered, a pressure drop often occurs resulting in a set flow rate error of up to 11% on a standard flow meter. This means the flow rate could become less accurate as flow rates are increased. The DFB flow meter is calibrated to account for the pressure drop so the assumed flow being delivered remains accurate.

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Product Accessories

Accessories marked with a dotted border are NOT included.

  • Max-550E Flow Diverter R228P41-001
  • 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter R219P50-100
  • 1.5” 90 Degree DISS Elbow RP11P20
  • White DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P33
  • Green DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P34
  • Clear DISS Barbed Fitting RP11P35

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