WHAT IS 209? (twen•ty point nain)

SYNONYMS: Essential for Life, Taken by Lungs, The Safe Amount, Supportive of Growth, Constant Stability, Production of Energy, Clinical Starting Point, The Crucial Mixture, Our Heartbeat of Focus!  

So, What is 20.9?

For most living things, 20.9% is the perfect amount of oxygen in the atmosphere: enough for our lungs to absorb into our blood, but not so much that it damages our tissues. This 20.9% gives our cells the oxygen they need to produce energy and support life, and is the clinical baseline & starting point for supplemental oxygen delivery.

However for some…. It’s not enough.

That’s where we come in!

The reality is 20.9 is the heartbeat and focus of our company. It is the reason we put so much time and effort into researching and developing our products. It is also a measurement of our precision and quality.