Two Blue Maxtec Oxygen Sensors

Maxtec & OEMs

Need a sensor supplier who can meet your demand & drive quality requirements?

Why Maxtec Sensors?

Deeply Rooted Supply Chain Partnerships

Since being founded in 2000, we’ve been able to leverage a reliable incoming stream of materials as well as source newer and more custom components specific to your design.

Quality Assurance

Maxtec sensors are designed and manufactured under world-class standards in accordance with our certified MDSAP and EN ISO 13485:2016 systems. Our sensors are CE marked and evaluated by third parties, such as an EU notified body.

Sensor Cross Reference

Maxtec created an Oxygen Sensor Cross Reference website to guide those unsure of which Maxtec sensor is compatible to replace any current non-Maxtec sensors they have been using in their specific application.

Ability to Expand

Due to increasing demand for sensors during the pandemic, Maxtec added a total of 20k sq ft to our facility to begin manufacturing sensors by the thousands. We were able to supply OEMs with custom-made solutions continuously, as well as end-device replacements.

Large Volume Manufacturing

Since adding an additional 20k sq ft to our facility, Maxtec now has the capabilities and raw materials to fulfill large quantities. Maxtec produces 24,000 sensors monthly and ships out 300k yearly on average.

Knowledgeable Sales Team

Our experienced sales team, with a combined over 50 years, will be able to provide solutions and offer alternative options for your specific application. They work closely with Maxtec’s product management and engineering team with every OEM request to ensure your specifications are met.

Our Customization Capabilities

From Galvanic to Ultrasonic Sensors, we excel in analysis. Not only can we help with custom sensor capabilities, we can do complete gas analysis manifolds, analyzers, or end to end product development.

We’re here to help

Reach out to us to learn more about how Maxtec sensors can be used with your unique applications.