MaxBlend 2

1-Touch Calibration

Simple-To-Use Calibration.


Allows the user to automatically set the alarm guardrails 3% up and 3% down from the current FiO2.

Dual Scale "DFB" Flow Meter

DFB flow meters are calibrated for the pressure drop that is associated with a blender as flow rates are increased. Every Maxtec DFB flow meter has a dual-scale, which essentially combines 2 flow ranges into 1 flow meter. Our Dual Taper allows accuracy from the lowest visible ranges, to higher flows.

Bleed Control

Allow the user to provide better accuracy and waste less gas. Blenders require a minimum flow to be accurate. By adjusting the toggle to the appropriate position, the user will allow the gas to flow properly through the blender which minimizes wasted gas to 0.1 LPM when closed.

Easy-To-Access Batteries

No tools required to access or change the batteries.

DC Power Port

Allows the user to utilize optional line-power as opposed to AA batteries. AA Batteries are still required for the event of a power failure.

Max-550 Oxygen Sensor

The Max-550 oxygen sensors guarantees that the Maxblend 2 will operate within our OEM specifications.

Backlit LCD and Flow Meter

The backlit screen and flow meter allows better visibility in low-light environments.