EyeMax 2

EyeMax 2 Neoshade Biliband
Excellent Design (Reinforced velcro. Fully Adjustable) Fair Design (Self Adhesive to baby's temples) Good Design (Y shape design)
3 SizesRegular, Premie, Micro 3 SizesLarge, Small, Micro 3 SizesRegular, Premature, Micro
S. Kleene MaterialComfort = Soft S. Kleene MaterialComfort = Fair S. Kleene MaterialComfort = Excellent
Attaches to baby's headSafety = Excellent Attaches to baby's skinSafety = Fair Attaches to baby's head but slipsSafety = Fair
Adjusts to baby sizeComfort = Excellent Irritation to skin in some babiesComfort = Fair Adjusts to baby's head but slipsComfort = Good

EyeMax 2 Overview

Our latex-free EyeMax 2 provides optimum comfort and protection for patients during phototherapy treatments. The one-piece, wraparound design has two attachment points that can be adjusted independently; this both prevents unwanted movement and allows for a perfect fit. The special ultraviolet light eye-protection pad was ergonomically designed to prevent light leakage.

  • Adjustable band for a optimum comfort
  • Bigger eye pad for less pressure and better UV protection
  • Latex-free

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