3 Reasons the DFB Dual-Scale Flow Meter Should Be Your #1 Flow Meter

The DFB Dual-Scale Flow Meter is one of Maxtec’s most unique products. DFB stands for “Designed For Blenders.” It’s the first flow meter on the market that was specially designed to be used with an oxygen blender.

Its unique design, however, isn’t the DFB’s only claim to fame. From more flexibility to quieter use, the DFB has numerous advantageous features. Keep reading to learn why the DFB should be your #1 flow meter choice.

Reason 1: The Dual-Scale Factor

The dual scale is perhaps the most useful feature of the DFB flow meter. Each flow meter has two separate scales built-in, which aid in precision in low-flow cases. For example: The high-flow 0-70 LPM DFB dual-scale flow meter has two scales, one ranging from 2-15 LPM, and the second 20-70 LPM. On the lower scale, you can adjust your flow between 2 and 15 by 1-liter increments. Then, from 20 to 70, it jumps to a higher scale that allows you to adjust your flow by 5-liter increments. Each DFB dual-scale flow meter has this feature, whether low-flow or high-flow; the difference is the range of each scale.

This special feature diversifies your equipment and adds flexibility to the functionality. Rather than attaching two flow meters to your blender, only one DFB flow meter is needed to deliver both high and low-flow measurements. With two DFB flow meters attached to your blender, you’ll have four readily available scales for a single blender. This means no more switching flow meters when you need better precision in the lower end of the flow range.

“The durability, convenience, and accuracy of the DFB flow meter set it apart from standard Thorpe style flow meters which are subject to breaking and coming apart when you need them the most.”

Reason 2: Acrylic by Design

DFB flow meters are acrylic, a highly durable material that provides your flow meter with a longer life-span and easier readability. DFB flow meters now also feature tapered edges, which allow for a wider viewing angle. Buying an acrylic flow meter is an investment that can ultimately save time and money in the future. Acrylic flow meters are also significantly more quiet than the average flow meter, aiding in patient comfort and care.

Reason 3: It’s Blender-Specific

When you think DFB, think accuracy.

The expert engineers at Maxtec made accuracy and precision their priority when designing the DFB flow meter. Maxtec’s DFB dual-scale flow meters are the only flow meters on the market that were specially engineered with blenders in mind because they are calibrated for the inherent pressure drop that occurs within all blenders when flow rates increase. DFB flow meters are designed to make up for this pressure drop, proving to be 11% more accurate than your standard flow meter. Clinicians can now have the peace of mind that they are administering and charting the exact liter flow of gas that the patient needs.

The DFB flow meter was designed specifically to be used with blenders. It is not recommended to use a DFB flow meter with 50 PSI wall-sourced gas.


Whether you’re looking for versatility, durability, or accuracy, the DFB dual-scale flow meter is an excellent choice for all of your clinical needs.

While the DFB dual-scale flow meter can be included with the purchase of a MaxBlend 2, MaxBlend Lite, and BlenderBuddy 2, it is also an option to buy the DFB dual-scale flow meter on its own. It can be attached to the left side of a MaxBlend 2 or either side of your current blender.

Manufacturer’s Rebate: Maxtec is currently offering an additional DFB dual-scale flow meter with each qualifying purchase. Visit www.maxtec.com/dual-dfb/ for more information.