Designed for Blenders

Are you delivering what you think you are?

Other flowmeters are calibrated to the 50 psi pressure of a wall outlet. However, the bleed in a blender causes a pressure drop in the blender.

Pressure Calibrated

DFB flowmeters are calibrated for that pressure drop present in all blenders.

First of its kind

Maxtec’s DFB dual-scale flowmeters are the only flowmeters on the market that were specially engineered with blenders in mind.

Flow Rate Error

Watch Video

These Dual Experts Explain the Dual-Scale DFB

Brian and Dustin from Maxtec's Clinical Solutions give an overview of the DFB dual-scale flowmeters and what they have to offer.

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Rebate No Longer Available

Due to the extraordinary need for respiratory products in response to COVID-19, this rebate is no longer available. All available supplies have been required in building MaxBlend 2's, MaxBlend Lite's and BenderBuddy 2's.