Flow Meters

Maxtec’s line of flow meters provides a durable, accurate, and dependable solution to delivering precise flow amounts. Request More Information

2-in-1 Muffled Adapter

The 2-in-1 Muffled Adapter is designed specifically for use with multiple sizes of commonly used medical tubing. It provides users the option to connect 22mm (large bore) or 15mm (small bore) tubing to any device with a male DISS fitting—such as common flow meters. It is specially designed for High Flow applications and dampens noise to … Read more

3-in-1 Adapter

The 3-in-1 Adapter was designed to be compatible with several sizes of common medical tubing. Users have the ability to connect 22mm (large bore), 15mm (small bore), or ¼” cannula tubing to any device or outlet with a male DISS fitting. A two-in-one style adapter is also available for high flow applications (22mm and 15mm … Read more

Air/O2 Hoses

Maxtec offers unique oxygen and self-coiling hoses. They are available in both single and dual coils with blender, ventilator or DISS fittings as well as quick connect fitting options. Request More Information

Venti Plus

The Venti Plus™ Test Lung was designed for fast and easy ventilator circuit testing prior to clinical use. It comes complete with a latex-free silicone bag that simulates either an adult lung (1 liter models), or an infant lung (0.5 liter models). Both models include a convenient turn and lock design that allow for easy … Read more

Bird MicroBlenders

The versatile 3800™ MicroBlender features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 2-120 LPM, making it ideal for use with ventilators while providing flows to a flowmeter or Blender Buddy. It can also be used as a stand-alone device for mask CPAP, nasal cannula and resuscitation … Read more


The MaxVenturi® has been specifically designed to work with high-flow humidification systems. Using the Venturi principle, the MaxVenturi allows users to mix ambient air and oxygen without the need for piped medical-grade air. This is the perfect solution for adult high-flow oxygen therapy in almost any environment. The MaxVenturi provides users with: Updated Applications 360° … Read more


The MicroMax features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 15-120 LPM (High Flow) and 3-30 LPM (Low Flow). Clinicians have the option to turn the bleed control to ON or OFF which provides a more quiet operation for NICU and PICU settings. When equipped with … Read more

MaxFLO2 Mini

The MaxFLO2 Mini is an affordable way to mix and monitor air and oxygen. With multiple flow meter configurations available, the MaxFLO2 Mini is adaptable for almost any application. Each unit comes standard with two flow meters and a universal pole clamp for easy transportation and storage. Request More Information