Revolutionising Laryngoscopy

Video-assisted technology for your day-to-day intubation needs

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First-Attempt Success

Utilizing video laryngoscopy can improve first time intubation compared to standard intubations. Video assisted intubation can be 5 times less likely to perform an esophageal intubation.

APA™ components

There are a number of benefits associated with VL over DL intubations:

  • Improved Cormack-Lehane views.
  • Superior viewing angle compared to direct line of sight.
  • Improved view of anatomical structural that are normally difficult or impossible to observe.
  • Improved visibility of the ETT’s passing through the cords.
  • Enhanced training by observing the procedure via the screen or an external monitor.
  • Straight line of sight, is no longer required.

Difficult Intubations

Difficult intubations occur during approximately 2% of routine anesthetic cases, and as high as 7-10% in pre-hospital

The APA™, inspired and designed by clinicians, is an all-in-one device for both routine and rescue airways that offers interchangeable Macintosh and Difficult Airway blades.

The APA™ as an effective difficult airway tool that has:

  • The advantage of being intuitive for those familiar with direct laryngoscopy.
  • A novel guiding mechanism to facilitate difficult intubations.
  • A curved angulated blade to "look around the corner."
  • Faster and more successful intubation versus direct laryngoscopy.
DAB blade
APA video laryngoscope



The 3.5" high-resolution viewing screen provides real-time, wide-angle viewing during the intubation procedure.


The adjustable swivel connection can aid in finding best line-of-sight so the clinician can have the best access to the airway.


Six blade variations are available: MAC 3 and 4 Macintosh style blades, MIL 1 and 2 Pediatric and Adult Miller style blades and DAB and U-DAB, for your difficult airways.

Camera Module

A high-intensity LED light source at the distal tip provides a clear image of the laryngeal structure.